bari reid
Bsc Architectural Studies
PgDip Advanced Architectural Design

Hello, and welcome to my website! A little bit about me…

I was brought up on the Isle of Mull, then moved to Glasgow to study architecture, a stint working in Glasgow was then followed by a time working in Vancouver, before returning to the island.

After working in an unrelated job for the best part of a year, I decided to set up my own company as  I’d have a few enquiries from people that I knew to do permissions for some small jobs – now a few years later I’m still here working away!

Having spent most of my life on the west coast of scotland it gives me a solid base from which to tackle a project, most of my work is island/coastal based so I understand the unique challenges you will face building here.  The main drivers in the design process are identifying and exploiting the intrinsic value of the site (and surroundings) along with working closely with clients to establish how they want to use a building. Low-impact, energy efficient building is always part of the design process when working somewhere with limited resources and services, this doesn’t necessarily involve expensive technology, there are some simple design moves which can be made to maximise the natural resources at hand.

People often ask me if job is “too small” for me to look at – I am happy to look at jobs of any scale, sometimes the smaller the job, the more interesting and challenging it is!

If you wish to discuss anything please use the details on the contact page


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  1. Paul Ibbotson
    Paul Ibbotson · June 5, 2012 at 11:32:48 ·

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